Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All Things Damask!

I have begun to fall in love with damask although I can't afford the design. My latest goal has been to find damask designs on a budget.

This first is a DIY damask-like boutonniere I found that I think it truly adorable! I got the idea from Love & Lace. The link takes you to the how-to instruction along with more photographs.

A great, inexpensive, way to make a boring clear vase into a gorgeous black damask vase is with this Damask packing tape. Using a steady hand, you can easily wrap it around any vase to create the look you desire. Adding a colorful wide ribbon adds another hue to the vase.

Image from Tammy

Looking for a great way to change up votives? You can use the packing tape for that as well! Wish and HotRef, respectively, each have a great picture of damask votives.

And last, but hopefully not least, I have found a FREE damask invitation kit! That's right, FREE! It comes in black or brown and you can use it at Vista Print. Ladies, ENJOY!

I also have damask templates if anyone needs them. They are great for adding to printers and printing them yourselves. An amazing lady from weddingbycolor.com emailed me this how-to for creating damask votives.

If you brides out there need anymore help finding great DIY damask ideas, just contact me at jlacy1987@gmail.com and I will be more than willing to provide some assistance.

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