Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday's Dresses

One of the biggest decisions a bride has to make is her dress. Every bride, I don't care what they say, dreams of their wedding from childhood. Their dreams may not be the typical fairy-tale wedding but they still dream about it. And every bride dreams of being in the dress of her dreams. I'm a firm believer, among other things you will learn, that you don't have to spend $800 or even $1000 for a gorgeous dress that you feel wonderful in.

Since it is summer and hot outside, well in my area at least, I'm going to focus on knee-length wedding dresses today. I think shorter wedding dresses are a great idea for casual wedding but you can still get a very elegant and glamourous short dress for a formal wedding as well.

The following 3 dresses are beautiful and provided by LightintheBox and all fall under $140! The great thing about LightintheBox is you can order your dress in a particular size or by your exact measurements! The weight of alterations are taken off your shoulders by getting a dress made custom for you.

Style 00035247 Style 00047937 Style 00047948

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