Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favors, Galore!

Since Tuesdays are going to be all about Favors, I decided that I might as well go ahead and get started. It seems like every website I go to has the tux and dress favor boxes.

Frankly they are outrageously priced, in my opinion, since I know where to get 10 for $1 -- that's right 10 FOR $1. Dollar Tree is truly amazing, in my opinion. You could order them online, if you had at least 720 guests. The website is strictly for bulk purchases, but if you go into your nearest Dollar Tree, they have them there in smaller quantities.

Favors don't just end at the boxes, however. The big bucks come from what you put in the boxes. Your options range from candies, mints, magnets, photos, you name it. I'm personally not a fan of any of the above mentioned, but hey, that's just me. I don't see the point in giving out a favor that the guest either doesn't want or can get themselves at any local supermarket.

I have found an eco-friendly (and outrageously inexpensive) favor that is truly unique in my opinion. They are Clyde and Robin's wedding wildflower seeds. They come in their own individual packs and you can pick the wildflower and the look of the packet, at no additional charge. At a whopping little price of $.25-$.35 each (the more you get the cheaper they are) you could get 100 seed packets for only $35. You can even add a personalized message to the packets for $85-$115, but that is completely optional. This favor is so cute, that I'm using them as my favors!

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